Wunder Carpool wonders.

Wunder Carpool joins app-based Uber and Grab in transporting people from one place to the other. As one of those car owners who didn’t able to register my car as either Grab or Uber due to car age, I immediately saw the possibility of earning or sharing empty seats with Wunder passengers.
As driver, you will be able to set your travel routine. Similarly, you can also change the time per day, provided it’s not within the “flexibility” to the previous set time.
Per day, you can accept passengers. On the latest update, UI looks like this. You can also chat or call the passenger before accepting, which offers a lot of interaction points. People in this list though have the same time departure to work or home within flexibility time set.
From Talisay to Cebu City, Wunder sets the sharing fee to P80.00-90.00, way cheaper compared to normal taxi. If you have 4 pax, driver can have as much as Php320.
Carpooling without cash thru Wunder wallet is also introduced. Haven’t tried the feature but this should work in time. I think passengers can choose to pay via their credit card. And once driver account reaches Php250, driver can then withdraw.
Indeed, Wunder users are growing. Hope to see a lot of improvements in the app as well. Happy Wundering!

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