Island Hopping Cebu

I’m proud of Cebu and I’m in WOW of what even it can offer when we visited Hilutungan Sanctuary. I’m amazed we have such a rich marine resources, as per our foreign guest, it’s like Aquarium.

We started our voyage in the port near Mactan Newtown, just beside Portofino beach resort. I can say that port, as the main tourist jumpoff before the pretty marine life should be improved. I can see plastics and trash anywhere, parking lot is not organized either.
We contacted one boat for P3,500 on that same day, just hours before the actual voyage. The boat was spacious and there’s comfort room. Latter was ew though as afer you flashed the toilet, everything will go directly to the open sea. 😦
20-30 minutes in, and we arrived. Without second thoughts, we took our snorkeling gears and swam with the fishes. Big, small, colored or not, fishes are beautiful to see when they come in together. Korean guests nearby also had a good time taking their groupies with the fishes. At P70.00, you can rent the snorkeling gear or bring your own.
We had a good time, trip was relaxing, we did visit several islands that I can’t remember the names now. There are several vendors in their bangka who offered fresh buko and other marine products.
Indeed, Cebu is blessed. Let’s take care and have the next generations enjoy too.

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