Adventure Cafe Cebu

Need a break from traffic? City pollution? Noise? You don’t need to go elsewhere. Bantayan Island in the North, Moalboal or Sumilon in the South, and probably the Mactan beaches are the top choices.  This weekend, we finally take on the transcentral highway and this is the first time I drove passing corner sister cities drive.

Adventure Cafe, just kilometers before the West 35 stopped us from driving further. Its outside facade is enticing and peers’ recommendations seems enough.

On our way to Adventure Cafe, we stopped by group of vendors selling the ever-famous cooked corn. We bought 3 large corn for P50.00, affordable right?

We can feel the fresh cold air fronting this beautiful green scenery. This may bring us adventure but food kept us on our seats. She ordered a full meal, as usual and I had burger. Price is pretty steep but we didn’t mind as the scene bring a lot of relaxation. Aside from the zipline, you can also enjoy airing out your frustrations by breaking plates.

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