Weekend-with-family thoughts

What I love about weekends or off work hours is it gives us the ability to work on more important stuff. To spend it with family is one, especially in today’s digital and fast-paced age. More importantly, going to unfamiliar places while enjoying the activities together brings a lot of happiness and quality time.

That weekend we decided to go out. We prepared food, and drove to Busay Holiday Pools. It was our first time and we are in awe and excited seeing it from a far. 
Food, karaoke, swimming, playing and cute young bloods – this is how we enjoyed our overnight stay. Despite the fun, I admit I still had time where I was so conscious and curious of what’s happening around the world – thru IG, FB, messenger. 

Anyhow, I realized I had to catch up a lot of updates from my siblings and parents. And that opportunity I took. We’re not getting any younger, probably we’ve faced the most difficult times in our lives but one thing’s sure, we are a family that is not as expressive yet so loving and supports each other.

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