Road Trip Cebu Dumaguete Bacolod 1/2

From Bohol, Camiguin and North Cebu trip as choices, we ended up road tripping South Cebu, Dumaguete then Bacolod City. I’ve been always jealous of those activities involving Negros Island. Apo Island’s turtlespicturesque sandbars of ManjuyodLakawon Island’s floating bar, Bacolod’s tasty desserts and chicken are some of the reasons #whyNegros.

From Cebu City, we drove to Samboan via Barili for 3-4 hours trip. It was my first time to drive passing Badian, Cebu’s home to canyoneering and Kawasan Falls. We drop by Alegria. Indeed, that’s the only place worth stopping by or no? (After this whole trip, we found out we missed Fantasy Lodge Cebu).

Not familiar with the place, I stopped at the first sea port I came into. For P400, Lite Shipping will take two passengers and the car. Good deal, so we hop in! It was car’s first time and I can never be worried with Lite Shipping.
After around an hour of trip sleeping, we arrived at Bato, Sibulan. Tummies asked for breakfast so we drove to San Rival Bistro along Roxas Blvd in Dumaguete City. This is the second time after my memorable first time with my ka-tribu of Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines Region 7. Nevertheless, breakfast is not as worth it, for Php200. Sorry Sans Rival, but you know how much I love your Silvanas.

We drove then to Malatapay Market to swim with Turtles. The assembly area to Apo Island seems to be disorganized, I mean we’re in 2017, the government can do better than that. There are a lot of foreign tourists, I didn’t expect that much. We ended up dealing with Kuya Loloy, to take us to Apo Island for P1,000 for two people. He said he can’t do a return trip so we initially decided to stay overnight. We’re supposed to be back nine thirty in the morning the next day.

In the boat, Desiree and I are the only Filipinos, along with the boat people and 2 other older Filipinas. We didn’t prepare much so we forgot to put on sunblock. After around an hour trip with the waves, we finally arrived at Apo Island. Seems to be a busy day for the island. We registered ourselves and paid for an entrance fee. In my technical opinion, we have to improve the registration system of the island.

After the registration, we went for a recommended lunch. I’m happy as there are no commercial stores in the island; just locals preparing our food and guiding us to swim with the turtles and coral garden. Each gear rents out for P100 so better prepare. We comfortably left our valuables to the councilor, one of the tourist guides.

Swimming with the turtles are awesome, but maybe next to swimming with Whale Sharks back in Oslob, Cebu. We went snorkeling as well with Coral Gardens, and indeed they are magnificent. One incident involving foreigner tried to hold the pawikan caused a scene in that wonderful afternoon. Grr! I’m proud of the guides, they expressed their all-out protection to the pawikan. To kuya guide, the pawikan is a lucky charm. It helped him support his daily income. 

There are around 80 pawikans in the area, there is a feeding place, which is restricted to tourists, and the open area, where tourists can have close encounter with pawikan. According to kuya guide, tourist can enjoy with pawikans when they went out from the restricted feeding place.

Adulting mood on; we asked the registration area people if we can go back to the city. Luckily, one the boats going back to the Malatapay accepted us. For P300 each, we’re on our way back, wet. 
We then drove back to the city and there we looked for a hotel. We found Lover’s Hotel? Just right. At night, we went out for dinner, Gabby’s BistroSilvana slices are new to me and they taste as good. Walked thru the Boulevard and headed back to hotel.

Seriously tried of driving, we decided to visit Manjuyod the next trip as it needs us to be there early morning, and we’re 1-2 hours away. Next day, we’re off to Bacolod for some 3-4 hours trip. 


  1. You're right about Apo Island though, they really need to improve their operations and management. They need to be able to manage tourist capacity and also have watchers in the sea to prevent guests from touching the pawikans which I notice is also becoming a very common bad habit of guests.


  2. Yeah, for sure the foreign tourists are pretty shocked with the situation that day, as if no coordination in that nipa office. Even me as a local have a hard time where to ask for a boat, unless you avail of those overpriced tours arranged by agency.


  3. Hi Ronnell, i would like to ask what port did you take from Cebu to Sibulan? “For P400, Lite Shipping will take two passengers and the car” i checked the web, i saw Maayo Shipping and called to ask for the 4 wheels fare. they said its 1087 for a car + 2 passengers…. 🙂 i was wondering where did you get that 400 deal.. 🙂


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