Bantayan Cebu Escapade

Imagine this. Fine, white sand. Crystal clear waters. Fresh seafoods. Affordable rooms. Accommodating people. 

Bantayan offers relaxation and adventure for those who are suffocating from city’s stress. From simply swimming to snorkeling or just sitting by the shore and do selfies/groupies, this place exudes a sense of being one with nature. Couple, barkada, family or travelling alone, Bantayan is the ultimate summer destination! 

Located in the northern part of Cebu, Bantayan can be reached by van in just two to three hours depending on the traffic around Cebu and Mandaue City. We preferred renting a private van as there are fifteen of us. It’s much cheaper and comfortable. You can also ride a bus going to Hagnaya Port, San Remigio via Cebu North Bus Terminal.

We got our P170-ticket to Sta Fe, Bantayan Island and travelled for another hour in a barge. Sta. Fe Terminal already gives you a glimpse of what the island can offer. 

We checked in at Budyong Beach Resort. This beach resort is a family budget resort, one of the many you can find in the island, but not less than breathtaking. The beach is just an arms’ length! It’s clean and peaceful. Shortly after we settled in, an enticing P100/person island hopping was offered. 

We spent our first day preparing the meals and taking pictures. It was later that day when we decided to go swimming to give ourselves enough rest. Nevertheless it was a good swim for everyone on our first day. 

Island hopping kicked in the next day. We visited two islands, the Virgin Island and Gilantagaan Island. Virgin Island has an entrance fee of P500 for the first two person, and P100/person for the rest of the group. We simply shrugged this island off. Gilantagaan Island is for snorkeling. 

After visiting Bantayan, I’m more convinced that Cebu is indeed a paradise. I can’t wait for another trip to #Bantayan. Fiesta is coming and for sure, the island will be full of activities to entertain and destress their guests. 
Let’s go. Let’s visit Bantayan! #VisitPH2015

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