International Coastal Clean-Up Day

It’s been a while since my last community activity. Growing up in college, I always get to involve myself on those types of activities two to thrice a month. Now in the Accenture world, I’m happy because groups like BP2B or Best Place to Be gave me the opportunity to be with the community again to do something productive.
Sept 21 marked the 28th International Coastal Clean-Up Day in Mactan Shrine. With the support of the local government of Lapu-lapu City, private and public organizations, I can say the event was truly a success.
With the monitoring tool provided by the organizers, I can truly assume that they are serious with the activity. Common things our group has come across are the following: plastics, may it be junkfood or candy wrappers, diapers, napkins, liquor bottles and debris of fishing equipment. Unusual founds like shoes, slippers, tshirts and shorts were also spotted – leading us to fool ourselves that there might be someone who was killed.
Kidding aside, the activity was truly satisfying. After 2 hours of cleaning up the by the coast and mangrove area, I ended up having a half-filled black garbage bag. Notably, a full of wastes found by my teammate along the mangrove areas was maybe a debris of last year’s coastal clean-up, giving us the reminder that we have to go back, bring with us our collected wastes and surrender it to the organizers.
After the activity, we ate our lunch by the Portofino beach.

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