iPhone 5s/5c Philippines

Wondering of the $99, $199 pricing in the Apple Online Stores? Definitely that’s not the price for us here in PH. Maybe this time you’re also figuring out between getting a prepaid or postpaid iPhone 5s/5c, don’t worry cause this article is just right for you.

~ Postpaid
Globe, Smart. Yes, the two network giants are the websites we are always checking for any announcement. Admit it! Haha. Basing on Apple’s official event last Sept 10 in California, new iPhones 5s/5c will be fully available by December, that includes Philippines. Yes more or less 3 months. December 2nd week is my guesstimate. Updates will soon be posted if available. 
~ Prepaid 
With T-Mobile offering it’s unlocked versions of the iPhones, fanboys basing outside US and those countries debuting on Sept 20 or earlier can now order for the much-anticipated Apple iPhone 5s/5c. Say in US, if you have relatives or friends there, you can order online using your or parent’s credit card and point that shipping address to that relative. Then, you can ask your relative to ship it for you. Sadly, Apple doesn’t permit shipping iPhones to warehouses or virtual addresses. Reason? That you have to help me look for answers. Singapore and Hongkong will also be accepting orders before Sept 20. If you have relatives or friends, then ask that major favor now. 
Expect also of online stores like kimstore, lazada and bunch of scammers posting for unlocked iPhone 5s/5c thru sulit, ebay or any sites. Per observation, price will definitely balloon as high as 40k floor price for a 16GB. Reason? People will still buy it. Maybe a 35K guess floor price for iPhone 5c. There’s high demand for that phone. People wanted to be the first to get their hands on the new iPhone.
Tip: Be careful when negotiating with online people selling iPhones or even to your officemates, friends offering these new phones. 


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