iPhone 5 iOS Review

After 2 months of chasing, Apple’s iPhone 5 is finally on hand. This device is just so awesome: fast, light, thin and good display. I can’t say it’s faster, lighter, thinner and better display because it’s my first iPhone and I’m just glad that of all the 6 iPhone generations, it’s iPhone 5 who welcomed me to join the gang.  

As of this writing, I’m celebrating the 1st mensiversary with my iPhone 5. Indeed, a great phone that satisfies me. It may limit me to some basic functionality of a phone but it gives me a lot of reasons to say that indeed, this is my best phone ever.
Talking about the things I can’t do anymore in iphone that I can do before with my previous old phones (not even an Android) are the following:
Creating a group
I’m fond of creating groups and assigning my contacts to their respective group/s. Without any third-party application or configuration, iPhone 5 can’t create a custom group that I want. There is literally a GROUP that iphone presents but those are I believe auto-generated groups. With this, I have to select every intended recipient of my message from contacts. What if I have 100 intended recipients and I don’t have any third party applications or further configurations?

Deleting multiple messages in my inbox
I don’t know how many and how long is 104KB of text messages but let’s say I want to delete it all at once? In my iPhone 5, I have to swipe left/right and tap DELETE in order for me to delete a conversation. I wish I have an option to DELETE ALL so that it will not consume more time in deleting everything.

Inserting a contact number
In the iPhone 5 or iOS in general, for you to attach a contact as text message, you have to open contacts, press mobile number and copy, go back to composing a new message mode and paste the copied mobile number. Indeed, time consuming. Maybe this is not an everyday functionality but I personally want it available right in the COMPOSE MESSAGE mode. There may be a Share Contact button in each contact but this is sent via email. How about I’ll just send it to someone and not on his/her email?
Must-charged phone
With the richness of App and everything I want to do with my iPhone, it gives me 1-2 charging sessions per day. It’s not bad I think but if they are going to improve it more like the reported Motorola’s battery life, then for sure that’s a great plus. I’ve observed it for month now and I can say game apps like Asphalt 7, NBA 2K13 and the like are the top battery eater. How about yours?

Blurry Bluetooth
I tried connecting with iPhone 4s and I was not able to transfer files. It’s always in Searching mode. I tried playing via Bluetooth with another iPhone 5 user and it worked. I don’t know if its generation-dependent but I want to try one of these days transferring files via Bluetooth.
Yes, above functionalities may be available in iOS but again and I do believe it’s really time consuming compared to my previous phones. Severity? It’s not major! Just a couple of things I want to share that I think migrants (from non-iOS to iOS phone) did also observe.
On the other hand, the top 1 best gadget of 2012 as crowned by Time Magazine has also showed me things I can do in my iPhone that I haven’t done in my old phones and these are the following:
Sending text message to more than 20 people
As I mentioned earlier, I usually do group messaging for the reasons of community/student organizations announcements. In iOS, it’s very efficient. I don’t know how the software sends the message to the intended recipients but when that status bar says OUTGOING, I usually consider it as sent. This feature enables me to consider this feature as the replacement of GROUP feature. Why? Because I can send another message to this existing “conversation”. As long as you will not  delete this conversation, you have this feature as alternative to sending to groups.

Collection of Apps in App Store
I can say that everything I need in life is in the App Store. Exaggerating but true, as much as smartphone is concerned. Items 1-4 above can be answered by installing dedicated apps for each problem. I can download everything I want, especially with an aid of credit card for paid apps.
Very Good Display and Faster Processing
iPhone 5’s display is just superb, at least for me. If I’m idle, what I usually do is I swipe left and right  the home screen. Don’t know why but it makes me happy seeing it doesn’t leave any evidence of slowness. I tried other phones (Android this time) and I can see some delays. It may be ignored but for me, iOS got my loyalty. It boots faster also.
Fast Camera and Crystal Clear Images
I’m not really fond of taking pictures but Apple’s iPhone 5 camera makes me more vain than I am before.

It’s thinner, taller than iPhone 4s but it still manages to be the lightest among the iPhone family. When I’m walking around, I always have the feeling that people want to see iPhone 5. Back portion of it is just so lovely. Before I go to sleep, looking at it makes me feel relaxed.

After 1 month, I’m proud I still have 15.2GB of available space. And I think it will be even more spacious if I didn’t synchronize my iPhone to the music library of my girlfriend. Nevertheless, it gave me positive results. It makes me sleep.

Days and weeks after iPhone 5 was made available, maps and purple rays in images were the main forum topics and considered as main problems of iPhone 5. Oh! Flickering screen also. The first thing I checked when I get connected to my Globe Tattoo Superstick is the iOS maps. GPS is working. And at least for me, direction from place to place is working. I haven’t tried a lot of experiments with the maps and I’m ready to update you whenever I found something unusual about it, okay?

Regarding the purple rays in images, I’ve experienced it twice. It doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I’m happy I experienced it. Flickering screens? I read before that it’s happening usually when you try to log in in apps. I was able to experience it right from the create message mode. Unfortunately, I was not able to screenshot it. Was it bothering? No, at least for me.

Three days ago, iPhone 5 was officially launched in the Philippines. Will you buy it? Drop your comments below so that our expert friends will be of help in deciding if you’ll go or not with Apple’s and world’s latest iPhone. As Apple say, It’s the best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone. 


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