Globe iPhone 5 32GB at P40K

As of writing this article, we have fifty three (53) days to go before Christmas 2012. My sexy iPhone 5 32GB white/silver is expected to arrive by that time. Is it worth the wait? Absolutely YES. Tagged at below P30,000, I’ll just cover my eyes when Globe or Smart officially launches the 6th generation iPhone here in the Philippines, if and only if it will happen before Christmas 2012.
Madness maybe but I also thought of:

“While waiting for the last week of December, maybe I can avail of Globe iphone 5 postpaid plans and as soon as my iPhone 5 arrives, maybe I will sell the unit at some higher prices. P40K may entice those iphone 5 globe-locked lovers! ”

I don’t know if someone will love the globe-locked iPhone 5 but I hope you will comment below if you love to buy it. With that, you’ll get an iPhone 5 with 1 year official warranty from Globe. You should grab it before other does.

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  1. Yes we have the iPhone (4, 4S,& 5) in stock for sale at considerable prices.

    i Phone 4G 16GB Cost……….US$400
    i Phone 4G 32GB Cost……….US$430
    i Phone 4s 16GB Cost……….US$500
    i Phone 4s 32GB Cost……….US$540
    i Phone 4s 64GB Cost……….US$600
    i Phone 5 64GB Cost……….US$790
    i Phone 5 32GB Cost……….US$740
    i Phone 5 16GB Cost……….US$700

    We are located here in Malaysia, USA, UK, and India where we ship to every part of the world and within 48-72hrs you receive your product right at your Door-Step without any delay.

    Are you interested in buying the iPhone from us, then provide us with your (Full Names, Shipping Address & Mobile number so we can reach out to you.)

    Note: All prices listed above are Negotiable.

    Contact us today Via;


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