[UPDATED] iPhone 5 Philippines Release December 14

Finally, Globe and Smart is ready for iPhone 5 kick-off party on December 14, 2012. 

Here’s the screenshot of iPhone 5 prepaid and postpaid rates for both network giants:

For the original content, just click on the image.

Globe iPhone 5 starts at P35,400 while Smart tagged it at P33,600. In this category, Smart has an edge of attracting more customers and buyers.

Globe tagged itself as #1 in postpaid and with their iPhone 5 postpaid rates, Globe is doing well proving their claim. 

Next question would be: who has the faster network? You have to answer the question. Honestly, I have a Globe Tattoo Superstick. In some parts of the city it’s fast, in some parts not really. In general, it’s satisfying. Haven’t tried Smart though. 

Oh! Why upgrade for iPhone 5? New to iPhone? Why not iPhone 4s? Hmm, it’s up to you but personally, I recommend iPhone 5. For three weeks now, I’ve been using the “Best thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” and it’s very satisfying. I just love it and I can say it’s better than the previous iPhone generations. Yes it’s taller, faster (camera, performance, etc) and thinner. I own a white iPhone 5 32GB and a friend labeled it as remote for an air conditioner while the black/slate iPhone 5 is a remote for a car. Haha. Kidding aside, you have 6 days to go before the official launching of iPhone 5 in PH. Decide now between 16,32,64 and black or white and globe or smart or regret. Confuse between Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5? That’s tough. I hope you’ll not regret at the end. 

Get your iPhone 5 now! 

Original Post:

September 12, 2012, before becoming history as iphone 5’s debut date in the Apple Special Event is the rumored launch date of the sixth generation of APPL’s iphone. Thanks to leakers and clairvoyant, it came true. As a result, 5 million sales for the first three days of iphone 5 and the ‘bad’ part, unbalanced supply and demand of Apple’s and the world’s new baby. 

According to Slate writer Farhad Manjoo,

“When I pick up the iPhone 5 and examine it closely, I find it difficult to believe that this device actually exists. The iPhone 5 does not feel like a product that was mass produced. In a strange way, it doesn’t feel like it was built at all. This is a gadget that seems as if it fell into the box fully formed.”
Like any other iphone fan, we want to speculate when will iphone 5 hit our own shores. Sometime around November and December, yes, but consumers want some exact date. After all, we can always justify that updates or changes will come out soon.

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