iPhone 5 Philippines: Prepaid or Postpaid?

iphone 5 availability in the Philippines is set to be around November and December this year. This gives Filipinos the time to save and decide whether to go for a prepaid iPhone 5 or a postpaid iPhone 5. Others consider it as a bad news but consumers who are willing to wait and who are willing to protect their money from buying unworthy products will agree with me.

Choosing between prepaid and postpaid with the latest iPhone at stake seems to be a very challenging question. iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest and fastest iphone Apple ever has produced. Despite its reported problems considered by Apple as normal with the maps, purple glow in photos and aluminum casing scratching, iphone 5, at least for me, is the most wanted smartphone in the Philippines. 

With prepaid, you’ll doubt on when can you get your hands on the new Apple’s baby, provided you have a very strict financial management rules like mine. There was no exact number but several sources said that it would be like the iphone 4s launching price. Others said it will be around 33K-37K but online stores like ebay.ph and sulit.com sell it starting P43999.  

With postpaid, either globe or smart, or sun which will be a very good offer, guessing it between P2000 and P2500 per month is a hypothetical one. Your friends would then be asking, “Are you willing to pay 2K per month for 2 years?” Knowing that Apple will release the iphone 5s or a totally different iphone nomenclature strikes after some year, then you’ll have another 1 year with your iphone 5 with a latest iphone in the market, except Apple will fall short and can’t fool you, I mean persuade you to buy the latest. A friend says: depends on the cash on hand or budget, which is also true but wait, others have to say and here are some of them: 

iphone 5: prepaid or postpaid?
Hassle free
Postpaid for Internet access
Unlimited Internet access with iphone 5 is not healthy with work and school
To control expense
Instead of spending 40K in one time, use the money in other investments. But if you don’t know how to handle investments and if your income is lower than the interest in postpaid, then go to prepaid

So what does this mean to you? Together let’s think about it. Let’s do the math.

Well, whatever we end up with iphone 5, clearly, we are cautious about spending and we try to get the opinions from others which is the most important. 

Were you able to decide between postpaid and prepaid? Let us hear it. You can drop your comments below.


  1. 2,500 x 24 months contract = 60,000
    i spend minimum of 1,000 load a month x 24 months = 24,000

    60,000 – 24,000 = 36,000

    its like i bought iphone 5 for the price of 36,000 installment basis for 2 years!
    not bad for postpaid.


  2. We got the same computation. Thank you so much for dropping by! I'll also go with postpaid I think but different option wherein I can spend less. Not an net guy also but I'll consider the P2500 per month. 😀 Thanks!


  3. I got the iPhone 5 for myself at lesser cost before it got released in Philippines. I bought an used iPhone 5 locked to Vodafone network Australia. I unlocked the iPhone 5 using remote unlocking service from WickedUnlock.com then I used the device with a Philippines GSM SIM card.


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