iPHONE 5 Madness

September 13 came (Sept 12 in US) and Apple officially announced its iphone 5. Rumors got it – a taller screen for the new Apple’s baby packed with a faster A6 chip.

I spent all my vacant hours searching for Apple’s Iphone 5 in google and their official site. Reviews, issues with the maps, videos comparing it to all other phones especially Android, gold-plated iphone 5, some drop tests and perfomance tests and of course its availability in my country, Philippines.

iPHONE 5 – Photo from http://www.engadget.com

Late September, ebay.ph posted its Factory Unlocked iphone 5 pricing at P44999K. I told myself that If I just had that amount, I had deposited it in the bank account specified and probably might be unboxing my own iphone 5 in the house. Unfortunately, I don’t have such amount at that time. I consulted my friends and decided to go with Globe Postpaid plans or prepaid if money permits.

Until now, October 1, 2012, iphone 5 official launch in the Philippines is still an upcoming event. There may be news like Zac Efron as first subscriber of Globe iphone 5 launch but no specific date still. I even planned of purchasing iphone 5 from Hongkong or Singapore but shipping is not yet available. Online shop available in Australia and UK but they only shipped within their own lands.

As expected, Droid friends always ask me why iphone 5. Well, they can witness the world going mad about iphone 5 but i don’t have the same perspective as those lining up to get an iphone 5. What I  want is to experince the iphone factor. We’re still young to say no to something. Accept the variety of life and enjoy every second of it. Price may be of problem but good personal finance management and judgment takes me to where I am now.

Before we go to something else, let’s finished this day and get another iphone 5 sickness.
Soon, you’re gonna read my Unboxing: iphone 5. Trust me, I will never drop it like they did in the drop tests and will not drown it.

PS: Help me give a name to my new baby – iphone 5. Soon. Thanks.

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