Media Excellence Awards

GLOBE TELECOM broke from tyranny, twice in its 84-year existence, and became a vanguard of freedom. Globe Telecom’s origins can be traced back to 1928 after the US Congress passed Act No. 3495, allowing the Robert Dollar Company to franchise and operate a wireless long-distance message service in the Philippines, then a U.S. colony.

After the franchise was later renamed Globe Wireless Limited, it continued its radio and telegraph service for over a decade until the outbreak of World War II. Rampaging colonial ambitions by the Japanese Empire saw an invasion of the country and an interruption of the company’s services

Twenty years later in 1965, the company was revived and renamed the Globe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation (GMCRC). Unfortunately, another form of tyranny was imminent, this time from within, depriving the company adequate room to grow. Following the imposition of Martial Law in 1972, GMCRC was among the first organizations closed down by the regime. Its doors remained shut for eight years until it was granted a tentative new franchise in 1980.
In 1986, the EDSA People Power Revolution took place, restoring democracy in the country. Since then, Globe has vowed to never again bow down to authoritarian government and to keep a lighted place at the forefront of all fights for freedom and for human rights. This includes the Freedom of the Press, a fundamental right lost during the Marcos dictatorship and reclaimed only after more than a decade.

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