GK Bayani Challenge 2011

It was quite a year now after I knew stuffs about Gawad Kalinga. I had my first GK activity, together with CIT students last January 31, 2010 at the Talisay GK Site. We build 10 houses for our unfortunate fellows in the City. It was really amazing that after just a day, we were able to build the houses. More on that, it was the BAYANIHAN or WORKING TOGETHER that made me realize that if we will just hold together and aim something BIG for the community, then little by little we can build a country of “no shanties.”

My second encounter is when Sir Antonio Meloto, the GK Founder himself visited our school last December 10, 2010. We had sit-down talk and there he further gave me an idea of a true Filipino, a breed that presently practices SLAVERY in his own COUNTRY and thus must be withdrawn and must learn to love the community and the country before one’s self. 

This 2011, I’m looking forward for the GK Bayani Challenge 2011, a 5-day test of endurance, courage and love for the country to be held at Bantayan Island from April 4-9, 2011. From the Event Schedule and Special Events, as early as now I want to register but I think it would be better if I’ll form a team of 15 and not just by own. 

Entitled KALINGA SA BAYAN, this year’s Bayani Challenge will go beyond the traditional building of houses. There will be various activities, like Island Greening which includes coastal clean-ups, a School Build, a Farm Build, Health Build Up, and Paraisong Pambata, to bring out the heroism in each and everyone. This year’s challenge sends the statement and sets the example that Filipinos can build a nation by caring for their own hometown through acts of volunteerism and ‘bayanihan’ (working together) [http://gk1world.com/bayani-challenge-2011]

With utmost responsibility, I know we can build a better nation and we should thank Gawad Kalinga for giving us the framework. Yes, days after the classes majority of us really think of barkada outings, reunions, shopping. Others take it as a rest, relaxation and the best time for the family. On the flip side, we can still have those in Kalinga sa Bayan, knowing that it will be held in Bantayan and special events and treats after a hard day’s work will be provided, then it’s gonna be a perfect place for barkada and even for the whole family. 

So, what are you waiting for? Invite your friends now because the country is inviting you. Plus, it will be a good avenue for you to meet exciting personalities and friends from all over the archipelago and the world! Register NOW! 


  1. Hello po Sir Franz. Thank you for dropping by. As of now po, I am looking for those who really have the courage and the wisdom to be there and make necessary sacrifices for this 5-day one-of-a-kind activity. More power to Gawad Kalinga! Bangon Pilipinas!


  2. My friends and I are planning to volunteer in the Paraisong Pambata.
    what other things do we need to do aside from registering?
    what preparations (monetary, supplies, food, etc) do we need?



  3. Hello Shei. Here are some of the information I got from GK Bayani Challenge main site:

    What to bring?
    Clothes for the whole week build
    Food, utensils and cooking materials for the team
    Beddings, tents and other camping materials
    Build tools
    Other necessities

    Things not to bring:
    No bringing of plastic and styro utensils and materials.

    What facilities are provided in the area?
    Camp site with cooking area, electricity, bathing area and toilet
    First aid station and security
    Food concessionaires

    For more information, please paste this link to your address bar: http://gk1world.com/gkbc2011-faqs and click enter. Thanks po. 🙂


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