Obong Spring Dalaguete Cebu

The Obong Spring of Barangay Obong, Municipality of Dalaguete, Cebu is a natural spring water system which flows near the sea. The continuous flow of fresh water meets with sea water when the tide is high. With these features, hundred of tourists are visiting the Obong Spring from time to time. Spring is any natural situation where water flows to the surface of the earth from underground. Obong Spring is cold in nature. This gives the visitors a relaxing ambiance with matching old-aged trees and sculptures. 

How to Get There

I started my journey towards Obong Spring at Cebu City South Bus Terminal. In the present, we are now obliged to pay the terminal fee of P5.00 per head. Well, it is worth it. I must say! I rode a Ceres Liner Bus. After almost 2 hours of travelling, I got to Barangay Obong. If it’s your first time to go to Obong Spring, don’t worry because the bus conductors are very helpful. They will just drop you off when you are already at Obong Spring Drop Off Area. This is where you can see the wooden board telling you more about what will you experience down there! 

From the drop off area, you still have to walk a number of meters until you will meet the Entrance Clearance where Manong or Manang is waiting for you to pay your entrance fee. I think you will don’t have problem with it. It is very affordable. I hope the fee will help develop the promotion and the beautification of surrounding. 

And there you are, ready to take off your clothes if you are a boy because the cloth would really add up to the coldness that you will feel minutes after you take a dip. 

Resourceful friends of ours in Barangay Obong makes use of the natural and fresh water in washing their clothes and dishes, sad to say even dirty rags and the like. They must minimize this if they want to make Obong Spring known to the whole Philippines.

Obong Spring Dives
One of the features you see there is the diving. Of course, it is not really professional diving but it really gives excitement to other visitors because they take off from the big stones surrounding the spring, trees and the like. 

Areas to be Improved
Filipino as I am, I also wanted to promote Obong Spring to the whole world. To people in authority, I suggest they must have quality comfort rooms around the spring. They can also put some cottages to invite visitors to stay and buy some foods and snacks in stores nearby owned by our Dalaguete entrepreneurs. 



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