Curing against Diseases: Never been a problem!

Being in the state of disease/ailment has never been a problem to me the past few weeks or months. I usually just ignore cough and even runny nose for the reason that for the past years, I can easily moved on with these irritating things in life. In maybe 4-5 days, I just noticed that these coughs and the like just disappeared mainly by telling myself that I don’t have to worry about all these stuffs. 
As I was wondering throughout my whole stay here on earth, if I will not take any medicine against these illnesses, there’s also this fear of “maybe it’s developing into another level”, or “maybe it’s a way of the disease not to be taken care for to develop more on its severe stage”. Well, I’m a busy person I must say and I just can’t afford to die. Truly, I do have plans and I love living in this world! 
My mom and I always had this conversation between taking medicine or not. Every other week, my brother always have cough and I only told him “just ignore it”. But my mom disagreed. It’s just that she’s too specific on these things.


In the world we are into, we think of things logically and we don’t usually just accept things without prior thorough investigation. This is also true with the herbals that are rampant among our legacies. In my first few years of living, I thought of herbals giving this “PLACEBO EFFECT”. Well, I stand corrected now. There are even recognized organizations that authorize the use of the herbals: see PHILIPPINE HERBAL MEDICINE.

MOM’S CHOICE: Our choice?

It’s rampant in TV, radio, news and related media the different advertisements about medicine. Technically speaking, it’s a sure thing that whoever comes frequent in telling everybody their stories on air, they have enough money to spend for advertising their products. Usually, these products are also common in the mouth of our mothers. Maybe we don’t have time to investigate what are the PROS and CONS about the product being advertised but the thing is, I hope it’s true, that whatever they tell, it must be true. Not just taking each other down and making the best advertising strategy to sell their products with known anomalies.

NEOZEP for runny nose and SOLMUX for cough, that’s the rule of the house. It’s also quite interesting to try new things but to simplify the ever-ending argument, we usually go with these product lines.


LAGUNDI sounds good to me because from the herbal they turned it into synthetic. For more informative stand, just see FOOD ADVENTURES.


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