Visayan Blogging Summit and Philippine Blog Awards

We are living in the world of worlds. Sometimes we are into the world we are expected to be and sometimes in the world we were not that familiar of. No matter where we go, just stay intact with the principles and motto in life – remember life is so short; we got to experience the ups and downs.

First time with a Plane

Afternoon came of November 26, Kevin Ray Chua, Mark Anthony Razonable, Alvin Dalion and I is ready to take on the Cebu Pacific Air plane. Olah! That was my first time and as expected, I’m so observant of how things go. In the airport I got messed up with the terminal fee. One thing I want to ask: is the P200 worth it? Secondly, I had some canned goods in my bag. Well, they confiscated it and I asked: Where will it go? They just answered that they’ll have it keep very well. Nice but I was not able to appreciate it. Maybe I was expecting they’ll give it to charity. No matter what, I’m going to keep it with them! I can’t afford to pay another P400 for those canned goods to be brought. In the plane, the cabin crews are so kind, getting every passenger greeted with their smiles and beauty. Shortly, I have this sinturong pangkaligtasan and some other stuffs to do in case emergency arises. I really had that close look of the way how the cabin crew demonstrated it. In the air, I was able to see the Cebu City very well lighted that I was able to compare when I viewed Iloilo from above. Thank you for choosing Cebu Pacific Air.

Iloilo VS Cebu

On our way to Days Hotel, I was able to compare my city to the city where I’m destined. First I observed in Iloilo, there’s a minimal number of a traffic light. The road was not well lighted in Iloilo: jeepneys with that longer nose in front as if those were stretched. SM City Iloilo is smaller compared to Cebu but it’s very nice. Architecture so modernized. Lastly, people there are really very beautiful. They always seem to be in the nice mode. Pretty girls and boys are also around. Frat aura was not there. No beggars and palaboy in the city proper.  The place was not that overpopulated. No traffic. There’s that sense of a province with the touch of a developing city. Also one thing, Iloilo got this silence. They don’t talk that loud. No loud sounds around.

Visayan Blogging Summit and Philippine Blog Awards

It was my first time to attend such an event. I used to attend leadership seminars but this time, blogging is what I am. In Cinema 2 of SM Iloilo, I learn many things. Some of them I kept, majority of them will remember later as I apply it. 


1.       The three F: Family, Friends, Fools
2.       Don’t  react, be interactive
3.       Acquire more tech skills
4.       And so many other things..

Interestingly, I was able to hook up with one of the talks. It was Blogging for Advocacy. MDG was mentioned. 

1.       Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger
2.       Achieve universal primary education
3.       Promote gender equality and empower women
4.       Reduce child mortality
5.       Improve maternal health
6.       Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7.       Ensure environmental sustainability
8.       Develop a global partnership for development

Bloggers are not just bloggers I say. In the summit, I was able to meet Janette Toral who  is very kind to us. Also, Ria Jose of the Mindanao Bloggers and many others. Thank you BLUEJAY Coffee and Deli for the FREE Coffee, Ted’s Oldtimer Lapaz Batchoy, Sunsilk for the shampoo and conditioner, Crave Burger for the P200 gift certificate, Globe, the UNDP, Days Hotel and the Iloilo Bloggers for making my purpose in Iloilo realized. 

PBA was started with a very delicious dinner. There was also the awarding ceremony for the best blogs in different fields. Yes, I can’t mention even one of the awardees but congratulations to them. More power to their blogging efforts.

The Iloilo Tour

With Rio Calle as our tourist guide, CDR Kings with me and some members of the Cebu Bloggers Society visited some of Iloilo’s best spot. We started it with JD Bakeshop, since 1975. We also visited the Lapaz Public Market where everyone can have the original batchoy named after the place: LAPAZ BATCHOY. We also visited the outstanding Jaro Cathedral, Jaro Belfry, Biscocho Haus, Cental Philippine University, Ted’s Batchoy and ops! Got to go. Unfortunately we have to start preparing for our flight. I think we got the best spots in Iloilo, the city of love.

To make things short, I would like to thank Chua, Razonable and Dalion for the treats. Until next time.


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