Cyber Council of Cebu Solidarity Meeting and Election of Officers

“I am not a mediocre”

The 2nd day of October 2010 will always be a historic day for us in Computer Students’ Society. Ronnell L. Padillo, the Computer Students’ Society President and Vice President Gian Sebastian Lucero were elected as President and Treasurer of the Cyber Council of Cebu. 

At first, it was only a dream – to build a physical connection between the IT/CS/ACT/ICT student organizations here in Metro Cebu. It took me several restless night to think about it whether to go for it or to keep us a dream. First reason was, I am not in the authority to call other officers of other universities and colleges for a meeting. Second, I’m not so sure of others will agree to my idea. 

September 05, 2010 came. Ana Robenia Sinconiegue of USJR ICTO and Arnette Nael Marie Caspe of UP CSG responded to the call. We had a meeting at MCDonalds Mambaling and like me, they were so eager to be connected with other schools. September  12, 2010 marked the interest of other student organizations as the USPF, Informatics and USC joined the confederation. September 26, 2010 was the “finishing touches” as the Cebu Technological University, Asian College of Technology and University of Cebu Main Campus finally added up to the society. 

Dr. Gregg Victor Gabison, Dean of USJR CICCT shared his thoughts about Philippine Society of Information Technology Students and Professor Cherry Lyn Sta Romana, Dean of the College of Computer Studies of CIT University graced the event with full support for the “connection”. Miss Leah A. Velasco, the adviser of CIT CSS graced the event as well. 

Seven representatives were asked to come each school. Unfortunately, UP wasn’t able to send even representative. From them they selected 3 to represent their schools in the election and another representative who will automatically act as Commissioner in the Commission in Good Governance of Cyber Council of Cebu. Then they introduced themselves. Lot of them knows how to dance, sing, socialize, and of course, they all know how to sell themselves.

Nomination time came. Election followed. Finally, it was RONNELL PADILLO who emerged as the President with 14 votes out of 20. Internal Vice President, External Vice President and Secretary all came from University of San Jose Recoletos. The rest of officers of the executive board came from USPF, ACT and CTU. After the election, committees were formed. Lastly, they shared their unique activities for Cyber Council of Cebu. First in the list: Leadership Training and Seminar to give time to newly-elected officers to mingle with others and get to know more about their strengths and weaknesses. 

Special thanks to the organizers with their head, Renz Edison Tolero, Board Member of the CIT University Computer Students’ Society. Kevin Ray Chua, the aspiring Cebu City Councilor – South District was the emcee. Computer Students’ Society, heap heap? Array! 

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