Android still on target, participants nosebleed!

“It was all about the speaker, not about the Android.”

I started the day so worried. The venue, food and program was all set yet, the most important person, our speaker is no where to be found in facebook. 8AM came and he’s still out of my sight. Busy moments passed and finally, a beautiful man stood up right in front of me and I realized it was Sir Herbert A. Boloyos. I greeted him with all smiles and told myself, “This is it.”

Participants came, crowd I mean. An empty seat is nowhere to be found.

Then, it’s Sir Boloyos time to talk. With his charm and knowledge, he was able to render his excellence in the field of ANDROID, a new mobile operating system available in the market. He courageously tried to let the students understand about the subject matter. He even sang KABET in English. Talented indeed. Called as “Android Master” by Dr. Gabison, Dean of the USJR-CICCT, he was able to connect with his audience, humor was there and exemplary intelligence was all over the 4 corners of the room. Indeed, Android is not that hard to understand. It depends on who will relay the knowledge to you. Sir Boloyos was then a perfect choice.

Admittedly, seminar as short as this cannot right away develop the minds of participants about Android but as Dean Cherry Lyn Sta Romana said, “…but it can get them started

The Technologians Got Talent grand champions the Treble presented. “Nosebleed” moment was then overlapped by great appreciation of the talent of the 3 Cebu Institute of Technology – University students.
Participants got prizes and certificates.

PS: Congratulations to the organizers of the event with their head, Chari Flor Supino, BSIT -3 student. Kudos CIT University Computer Students’ Society. More activities to come. Let’s give the students what is due to them. Pictures will be uploaded later.


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