Cebu City Youth Development Council holds Leadership Training and Seminar for Secondary and Tertiary Schools

“To win, we don’t have to be the best. Just be a bit better”

Last September 18, 2010 at one of the beautiful rooms of Cebu Business Hotel, the Cebu City Youth Development Council held the Supreme Student Government Leadership Training and Seminar for Secondary and Tertiary Schools. More or less 200 participants from across Cebu’s high school, colleges and universities responded to the call. I, AC Griffith Caruana and Kevin Ray Chua represented the CIT University Supreme Student Government

Hon. Sisinio Andales, Chairman of CCYDC welcomed all the partcipants. He briefly said that the youth is the hope of our motherland. He also shared his leadership experiences during his youth days. 

Moments after the early snacks, the seminar proper started. Mr. Kenneth C. Kabingue, one of the commissioners of the Council conducted the seminar for college students. I really learn a lot from him. One of which is we must follow the formula: 100% INTENTION + 0% OPPORTUNITY = 100% RESULTS. He also had a talk about holding a meeting and planning for a coming activity. 

Until such time it’s Congressman Tommy Osmeña shared his mighty words to the student leaders. He also taught the student leaders how to memorize things in school. That was pretty strategic! Hmm, so much for the seminar, we also had our getting to know with our student leaders from different colleges and universities. 

Among the 40 college students who attended the seminar, Kevin and I are just too lucky to have the new shirt from Cebu City Government. We will also be featured in the 2011 video for STAND UP: TAKE ACTION END POVERTY. 

Election came for Supreme Student Government Federation of Cebu City. After a couple of arguments and talks, the college students finally came up with new set of officers. 

President: Paolo Martin Saberon (University of Cebu – Banilad Campus)
Vice President: Marck Kenneth Albiso (Cebu Normal University)
Secretary: Mielvin Dale Tecson (University of San Carlos)
Finance Officer: Leonard Igot (Cebu Technological University – Main Campus)
Auditor: Maria Rizza Labao (Saint Theresa’s College)
Public Relations Officer: Kevin Ray Chua (Cebu Institute of Technology – University)
Public Relations Officer: Bab Amora (Cebu Eastern College)
For more information about the newly-organized College SSGF, click here.
Photos here and here.


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