iSERVE: Technologian Student Leaders Assembly

iSERVE: Technologian Student Leaders Assembly is an event organized by the Supreme Student Government of Cebu Institute of Technology- University. With the theme: Energy in Synergy: Moving towards Culture of Collaboration, Hon. Alan Angelo Llevares, SSG President and his ‘starfishes’ is looking forward that the different recognized student organizations will be collaborating with the SSG in their future activities for a more united Technologian Leadership.
Engr. Jonathan Reyes, Adviser of the CIT University SSG presented the participating student organizations.  Engr. Alein B. Navares welcomed all the guests and students. He challenged the student leaders not to be a shark in their organization, instead they must be responsible and must have the heart in meeting the needs of their constituents. The JPIA dancers also presented their dance number.

Atty. Lesley Jeanne Y. Cordero, Commissioner-at-Large of the National Youth Commission was the guest speaker of the event. She shared about her student leader life and also being a professional. She did mention that she was once a lawyer of Senator ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan and an election Lawyer of Senator Miguel Zubiri. She was an obedient girl, she added. And because of being obedient to her parents, she achieved the greatest dream of her life- not to  be an artist or singer but to be warrior of hope. 

Mrs. Elsa J. Miral, head of the Student Affairs Office, the inducting officer of all the student leaders said that of her 25 years with CIT, it was the first and the biggest gathering of student leaders and she congratulated Hon. Llevares for the success of the event. She also mentioned that she would like to cry because she was really touched with what CIT-SSG did.

George Roland C. Parilla, the President of CIT SSG SY 2000-2001 deliver the pledge of commitment. He is also the Territory Manager VISMIN of Microsoft  Philippines. Like Madame Miral, he is so happy and very delighted to know that CIT is now a UNIVERSITY. 
Engr. Bernard Villamor also shared some leadership and environment talks. 

The dinner followed. With violin and guitar and a human voice, I am quite sure that everybody enjoyed their meals.

Hon. Gui Paolo Godofredo, Head Committee on Extra Curricular Activities and Hon. Dexter R. Dungog, Vice President led the fellowship part of the program. They gave special prizes from Microsoft Philippines.


Hon. Jahanne Chrielle Ares, the head organizer of the event said that the event was successful and she thanked the student leaders for the cooperation. Kevin Ray Chua, Secretary General of the CIT University SSG and Gwendy Gayle Hollanes of the Technologian Student Press were the emcees.



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