"Gawad Kalinga! Isang Milyong Bayani. Walang Iwanan. Tataya ako!"

Gawad Kalinga, Isang Milyong Bayani! Walang Iwanan, Tataya ako!  

These were the words who wake up the ‘volunteers’ who happened to be in the Talisay GK Site  as early as 7:00AM last Sunday, January 31, 2010. Among these volunteers were the CIT-Supreme Student Government Officers, College of Nursing Students, some College of Engineering and Architecture students and a few Commerce Students.

This heart-warming event is in line to the celebration of the Nursing Days 2010. As expected, the CIT-SSG had its part in the event by promising to cater the gift certificate to the fortunate ones. 
Eight hundred student nurses are expected to come in the event. As planned, the students will be divided into 20 groups (group 1-20). Their main task is to build 10 houses.
Group 1 and 11 is for house 1;
Group 2 and 12 is for house 2; 
and so forth.
As for the technicalities of the event, the Organizing Committee enforced 5 CIT- Engineering students to each house. And the event started! Other students brought materials some did not, yet the determination and the enthusiasm was there, just to help our beloved needy brothers and sisters. As pointed out, the most impressive team in building the house will be declared winner.

In the event are some distinguished staffs and personnel from Gawad Kalinga. After the mass, they oriented the students how to build the house. Bright as they are, the lecturers expected that the volunteers can made it! All are excited to finish their houses, teamwork was there. Carrying hollow blocks, steel bars, sand and gravel were the highlights of that SPIRIT of BAYANIHAN value showed.
Hours passed. Noon came. Afternoon and then 4:30pm. It’s the moment that all awaits: the awarding ceremony. And here are the winners:

1st place – House Team 4 with -32.3 points
2nd place – House Team 7 with -35.5 points
3rd place – House Team 1 with -76 points

                                                    House Team 4

House Team 7


  1. i just wish we were able to read this early on. Such an inspiring story to tell to fellow nation-builders! Walang iwanan! Kalinga sa Bayan!


  2. Okay lang po. Ang importante we will still continue the good things that we can do for the country. Should you have any invites po regarding Gawad Kalinga, don'r hesitate to contact me. Basta si Tito Meloto kasama ng Gawad Kalinga Pipz, i'm always willing to help.


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