"Tara na sa GK"

After hours of working together with my friend, the tarpaulin for the CIT-SSG -CON event entitled TARA NA SA GK: Build-A-House Project is now available.
Scheduled 31st of the first month of the year at the TALISAY GK SITE, College of Nursing will celebrate it’s NURSING DAYS through several activities which includes the ‘bonggacious’ event herein mentioned. With the never-dying support of the CIT-SSG to different significant activities, CON students will surely enjoy the celebration of the NURSING DAYS 2010.
This project aims to build 20 houses in one day! How marvelous, it’s really the SPIRIT of VOLUNTARISM that will finish this task all the way up to the end. Expected ‘volunteers’ would range from 800 to 1000. Well, I’m hoping to see them summing up in that numbers, leaving 40-50 students per house.
Interestingly, helllloooo, majority of the ‘volunteers’ are nursing students. Let’s see .. Well, everything is impossible. Of course, CIT-SSG will provide 5 engineering students per house and if not too much, 1 “panday” per house.

Gawad Kalinga (GK) translated in English means to “ to give care ”, and it is an alternative solution to the blatant problem of poverty not just in the Philippines but in the world. GK’s vision for the Philippines is a slum-free, squatter-free nation through a simple strategy of providing land for the landless, homes for the homeless, food for the hungry and as a result providing dignity and peace for every Filipino.

One of the Programs

Shelter & Site Development
Through TATAG, GK builds colorful, durable and secure homes for the poorest of the poor. TATAG in the Filipino language means “to build” or “to establish.”
The program also provides other physical structures such as pathwalks and drainage systems, water and toilet facilities, a school, a livelihood center, a multi-purpose hall and a clinic. In some areas, other structures such as basketball courts and libraries are also constructed once basic infrastructure needs are set up.

For more information about the project, you can contact CIT-SSG or CIT-CON. God bless!


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